Pennants FAQS

FAQS - Questions and Answers on ordering our Pennants

Most of our web pages have a couple questions and answers to popular questions we receive. If none of those answer what you need to know, simply contact us and we will happily answer all your queries.

Popular Questions and Answers

You are limited only by your imagination, we can print any design you want, within reason. Most popular is following kit colours/designs.

Trade secret! Traditionally, they are made from satin. We believe in this tradition so the face is polyester satin, with 2 further layers of luxury feel material.

The standard size for youth and adults is A4. Younger age groups if you feel they are too large, we offer a 9x7 inch and 6x4 inch smaller type.

Yes we can produce different age groups for your order, you will still qualify for the quantity discount for the total ordered.

One of the first things to do is find a good quality club badge image. Email over, we will check it's quality. We have many talents, we can improve on an image so it is usable.
Worse case, we can redraw the logo/badge into high resolution. Of the images we receive, only about 1 in 10 are unusable.

Yes we do, most places are covered for delivery, merely advise how many required, a destination address, and we can obtain a firm quote for shipping.

In general we do not, this depends upon time of year and workload. There is extra work involved producing and sending Pennants overseas and different time zones, providing the customer responds promptly, our standard minimum would apply.

Not at all, we produce them for all types of organisations, Sports Teams are popular, but also band stand additions, charity clubs, and for individuals celebrating all types of events.

In Europe, there smaller size appears popular, as a gesture gift for visiting teams, I think the preference on what size should we get, is just that, a personal preference.
Which ever size you choose, the recipients will be pleased to receive a gift and having your company as visiting friends.

The smaller the size, the less information you can get on them. Any text will appear small, so usually for the 6x4 it is a badge and 1 or 2 lines of text. The 9x7 size, a fair amount of design elements can be achieved.
A4 size is the standard presentation size.

We use 3 centimetre fringe for the banners, and for the tassels, this ensures a luxury look to them and the fringe matches the tassels.

You are correct. Sadly, this method is labour intensive, therefore costs much higher. We designed a material that is satin face with luxury backing, this reduces the make-up time enormously.
This means we can offer a product that is affordable to all. We can of course still produce the old traditional method, but the price will reflect this.