Custom Sports Pennants Souvenir

Sports Pennants - Gift presentation at sporting events and festivals for all ages

Quality, Luxury, Team and Club Sports Pennants used for presentation of your organisation, UK and Worldwide, given in Sporting Friendship and making a lasting impression. With so many Player Team Organisations using Pennants to portray goodwill and present a souvenir or an award, our products are ideal quality gift.
These can be one design throughout an order, or each and every one can be modified if presenting to individual winners, runners up or those taking part in an event with a generic design.

  • Our own custom made satin face, luxury feel, Custom Pennants material
  • Quality hanging twisted cord with tassels
  • Custom design wood top rod with end finials
  • Many trim colours available, including 2 colour intermixed
  • All items are individually packaged ready for presentation as new
  • All Custom Pennants example images on our website, are produced by us

Popular Questions

Yes we can produce different age groups for your order, you will still qualify for the quantity discount for the total ordered.

One of the first things to do is find a good quality club badge image. Email over, we will check it's quality. We have many talents, we can improve on an image so it is usable.
Worse case, we can redraw the logo/badge into high resolution. Of the images we receive, only about 1 in 10 are unusable.