Custom Personalised Large Pennants

Large Pennants - Larger than your standard presentation Pennant

Quality Large Pennants more suited to special occasions, major cup finals, and for exchange with amateur and professional sports teams.
Twice the size of our A4 standard Pennants, they make a visual impact at any presentation event as noted by some of our customer images kindly sent to us. Same product as our high quality Sports Pennants, just bigger!
Most if not all sports clubhouse have hanging pennants on show, a tradition of many decades, it is a superb souvenir to commemorate a special sporting event, and ultimately, players also receive these gifts which last a lifetime of great memories
As they do command a higher price, if you order 1 for your clubhouse, with an order of A4 size, we can discount the Large Pennant, subject to time of year.

  • Our own custom made satin face, luxury feel, Custom Pennants material
  • Quality hanging twisted cord with tassels
  • Custom design wood top rod with end finials
  • Many trim colours available, including 2 colour intermixed
  • All items are individually packaged ready for presentation as new
  • All Custom Pennants example images on our website, are produced by us

Large Pennants Popular Questions

Sadly, just not practical. Quite a lot of work involved producing high quality Pennants, customers will not pay the premium for a 1 off item.
What we can do is discount the large Pennants if they are part of a current order you have placed. On their own, then our very low minimum order requirement comes into play. Email me for the full quantity breakdown and prices.

Not at all, we produce them for all types of organisations, Sports Teams are popular, but also band stand additions, charity clubs, and for individuals celebrating all types of events.