Club and Team Football Pennants

Football Pennants - Personalised team and club souvenirs

High Quality Football Pennants for your amateur and professional Sports teams, presented for your events, cup games, tours, awards, and exchange with visiting teams from abroad. Many design options available with your kit colours and styles a specialty.
Presented with Friendship through sport, these Football Pennants travel the world over and portray your organisation in the best possible way
Luxury Football Pennants with many different trim colour options and affordable to every budget. Small, Large or the traditional Medium size A4, which ever you choose for your Football Team our style and quality is second to none.

  • Our own custom made satin face, luxury feel, Custom Pennants material
  • Quality hanging twisted cord with tassels
  • Custom design wood top rod with end finials
  • Many trim colours available, including 2 colour intermixed
  • All items are individually packaged ready for presentation as new
  • All Custom Pennants example images on our website, are produced by us

Football Pennants Popular Questions

The standard size for youth and adults is A4. Younger age groups if you feel they are too large, we offer a 9x7 inch and 6x4 inch smaller type.

Absolutely, I tend to make this suggestion and when I do it is most welcome, especially when I explain to the customer we do not charge any extra to personalise them.